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>HIV and AIDS Support: we are here for you!!!!

> If you or a loved one is affected by AIDS or HIV, please please please visit our blog periodically, or just contact us, as we will work for FREE ( via email and phone)with you/them. Why? Because I do … Continue reading

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>Finding help: do you need a coach, book, or friend?

> This is THE question everyone eventually faces. In our personal opinion, help should be available FOR FREE, everywhere and in various forms. But its not. One has to truly search for it, or better yet, begin to look at … Continue reading

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>Healing places: the power of feng shui, location, and atmosphere

> Where are you the happiest? Are you in a place where you thrive, where you are fully supported, or are you in hiding? Does your town give you peace or is it suppressing your natural abilities?And your house….is it … Continue reading

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>Staying inspired: the key to happiness and healing

>After just having watched Rev Ed Bacon, Michael Bernard Beckwith, and Elizabeth Lessor on Oprah’s spirit week, their incredibly powerful conclusion that spirituality is a ‘spiritual practice’ rang a bell; my husband had mentioned several weeks ago that a book … Continue reading

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>Why reading and listening to Abraham is essential for consiousness

>No matter who Abraham, Jerry, and Esther Hicks are, their words are wise and incredible. Here is a little taste of Abraham in action:

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>Meet the family!

>Hello again! So, we wanted to introduce ourselves.We are a bit of obscure; we are dedicated to health and harmony and yet are very into video games and film ( look for future posts on balancing media).We became interested in … Continue reading

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>Cancer Dis-ease: the sattvic program

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