>Welcome to the Sattvic family blog, dedicated to bringing you FREE health and happiness advice!

>What does health cost?
What should it?
How can one attain happiness and do they have a right to?

The first question has a very sad answer; in our society, health care ( whether natural or Western) charges people incredibly large amounts of money in order for them to rid themselves of their dis-eases.
The even sadder thing is that when people go to a Western doctor, most of the time the methods used not only cost an arm and a leg but also don’t work and cause damage. This is the sad truth, nonetheless it is ILLEGAL in America to cure an illness with anything other than prescription drugs ( and they do jail natural doctors who have helped their patients heal…no joke…)

The bottom line is that our society is contaminated with a plague, and that plague is unhappiness and therefore bad health. Statistics prove that cancer and heart failure, among other dis-eases, are on the RISE not DESCENT, even though people spend so much money on keeping well.


It has absolutely EVERYTHING to do with your physical well being.

And of course complimenting a health, happy mind with a happy healthy diet also helps! 🙂

We are life coaches and practitioners of Ayurvedic Medicine ( my certification is an Ayurvedic Lifestyle consultant) and dedicate our lives to providing different forms of health and life support to everyone.

This blog will provide FREE information to support and assist anyone who reads it. We do offer two other forms of help, but this one is free so check back regularly.


About Elizabeth Kelsey Bradley

Writer, Blog Coach, and Digital Strategist based in Thailand. Wellness fan. Gamer.
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