>Meet the family!

>Hello again! So, we wanted to introduce ourselves.
We are a bit of obscure; we are dedicated to health and harmony and yet are very into video games and film ( look for future posts on balancing media).
We became interested in health when ‘sattvic dad’ developed asthma. No specialist helped him, so ‘sattvic mom’ decided to take things into her own hands and flew to India to study Ayurvedic medicine ( one of the world’s oldest and most thorough sciences of medicine). She witnessed lines of people receiving natural, plant based medicine and treatment and knew that she needed to help the world understand the con that is going on in Western Medicine and that is killing people.
When she returned, she and dad decided both to commit their lives to helping inspire and help others heal by teaching them THAT THEY HAVE WITHIN THEM THE CAPABILITY TO HEAL THEMSELVES.
Ayurveda treats asthma as a digestive disorder, and the asthma specialists in america did not teach this; they discovered what two foods ( dairy and gluten) caused dad’s attacks, and eliminated them.
We believe in providing three forms of help:

1.) FREE help available to EVERYONE and anyone
2.) more personalized help, which is where we interact with people and offer our life coaching support online and on the phone
3.) in person. Soon, we will be offering a healing in Italy program and a healing in India, both of which are IN person and TAILORED ( like option two but with more life coaching).
We work FREE with peope who have the AIDES virus in option 2.

Our main tenants to creating wellness are:

Vegan, mostly raw or as raw as possible diet.
The implementation of the Law of Attraction, which can be learned ( or relearned rather) via The Secret Audiobook and DVD, You Can Heal Your Life, The Teachings of Abraham, Conversations with God, and What the Bleep movie and Charles Haanel.


About Elizabeth Kelsey Bradley

Writer, Blog Coach, and Digital Strategist based in Thailand. Wellness fan. Gamer.
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