>Staying inspired: the key to happiness and healing

>After just having watched Rev Ed Bacon, Michael Bernard Beckwith, and Elizabeth Lessor on Oprah’s spirit week, their incredibly powerful conclusion that spirituality is a ‘spiritual practice’ rang a bell; my husband had mentioned several weeks ago that a book he was reading talked about the key to success is CONSTANTLY staying inspired, and so with regard to both spirituality AND success, one has to KEEP inspired by REGULARLY doing inspirational things.

Not everyone has the ability to hire a life coach, and there is no shame in that, which is why we created this blog ( and soon a podcast). One watches The Secret, feels SUPER motivated and then….and then…a day or two later ( if that) they are back to feeling low and think they ‘just can’t stay positive’.
What is the solution?

As Rev Bacon and Napoleon Hill/W. Clement Stone ( the authors of the book my husband was reading) mentioned, one has to CONSTANTLY be inspired in order to be happy/succeed/be healthy. This does NOT require money ( although it can, as buying a book or renting a video or hiring a life coach does cost dinero) IF you use your resources or find out where to go.

Here are some suggestions to keeping yourself feeling fantastic ( Note: honestly, doing things like affirmations,prayer, vision work, etc needs to be done DAILY for you to get the most out of it; if you don’t do it often, the universe sees that its not a priority and you will not have changed your mental paterns)


I just recently listened to what my brother told me about 4 years ago, and that is how amazing podcasts are.
Have no idea what I am talking about?

If you own a computer and have itunes on it, when you go to the itunes store, you will be able to search for what you are looking for ( meditation, Zen, Kabbalah,etc) and down at the bottom, you will see your search results in Podcasts and can download FOR FREE any you want.
From the law of attraction to art history, theater to mysticism, you can find topics that enlighten and uplift and you can listen to them daily to get you going.

Ones that I recommend are Oprah’s Spirit Channel, Ramtha, All Saints Church Pasadena ( I am not Christen nor a fan of Western religion, and general dislike sermons, but this is THE christian church to listen to), Neale Donald Walsh, Joe Vitale, Ayurvedic Cooking ( though her recipe varies from what I was taught, it still looks great!), Guru Singh’s Podcast ( people rave so much about this it’s crazy!), Tea Tips with Doctor Tea, and so many others that I have to listen to first before I recommend them…

2.) Your public library is so bad ass you have no idea….

Books are just the start ( though a BIG start) to how cool the library is nowadays. You can download audiobooks onto your computer from their website ( or if you go in, just insert the discs and upload them into your itunes….).
Books are still the best, but there are other ways of learning.

3.) Spiritual websites

I have to say that I am REALLY disappointed in Agape, as their website DOES NOT provide free webcasts or movies; you have to pay. This is a real let down, as Rev Michael Beckwith is such an empowering man. They really need to get their stuff together and provide REGULAR FREE videos, podcasts, etc. On top of this, I have been told by several individuals that they really push donations, and while I have also heard their sermons are INCREDIBLE and SUPER inspirational, money needs to be the last of their concerns, regardless of how much they may need. What would Mother Theresa do? Ask for donations or say nothing and take and thank that which is offered?
Apart from that open minded nondenom church, there are lots of other cool places.
Church of Religious Science has a great website where you can request prayers, and there is the new soulpancake.com, where big questions are encouraged.
Still, they are not the creme de la creme. The ones below offer a bunch of info and inspiration without charging you for it:

http://www.youtube.com ( Eckhart Tolle to Krishnamurti have videos on here!!! Everyone does!!!)
http://www.eomega.com ( they do have workshops that you have to pay for, but their is an ecommunity for free)
http://www.johnassaraf.com ( great free articles!!!)
http://www.zeitgeistmovement.com ( FREE MOVIES; ALL ARE DOWNLOADABLE-FREE)
http://www.hayhouse.com ( FREE RADIO PROGRAM WITH THE BEST OF THE BEST!!!)
http://www.eckharttolle.com ( the master, I swear…)
http://www.plumvillage.org/ ( another master)
http://www.thesecret.tv ( THE BEST site for positivity stuff, from free books to premade inspirational videos to help you visualize your dreams)

SOme that I think are profound:

I am infinite.I am immortal. I am Universal

I am strong, whole, harmonious, loving, healthy, and wealthy.

I love and approve of myself. ( Louise L. Hay loves this one)

I do what I love with and for people I love and I make millions of dollars doing it.

My body is perfect.

I am the embodiment of god and perfection and I have a divine purpose.

The universe gives me support and love.

To be continued…


About Elizabeth Kelsey Bradley

Writer, Blog Coach, and Digital Strategist based in Thailand. Wellness fan. Gamer.
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