>Healing places: the power of feng shui, location, and atmosphere


Where are you the happiest? Are you in a place where you thrive, where you are fully supported, or are you in hiding? Does your town give you peace or is it suppressing your natural abilities?
And your house….is it a sacred space where your creative and healing abilities prosper?

How important is our ‘finding home’?

When it comes to healing, it is essential ( that word we keep using). Many people stay in the same place their whole lives ( even if they yearn for a different environment and are unhappy) JUST BECAUSE they are used to it, or because they have family there.
People have a deep fear of this wonderful, productive thing called change.
There are BILLIONS of cities throughout the world, as well as BILLIONS of job opportunities ( many of which you can create yourself).

Life is not stagnant; it is constantly moving and flowing. All of the subatomic particles that make up our bodies are moving so quickly, all of the time; there nonstop motion everywhere, all the time, even if we can’t see it.

It is my firm belief that humans are not supposed to always stay in the same place all the time, and our clinging to a certain environment is not healthy nor is it conducive to the advancement of our mental and spiritual evolution.

When one is isolated, they cannot learn about the rest of the world from a personal experience. They cannot recall the taste of foods only available in certain countries as they have not been there. They cannot flourish, but they can try to.

Finding a home base that we don’t hide in but instead feel recharged in is incredibly important to ALL aspects of our lives. If you have a dis-ease or feel as though something is missing in your life, take a good look at where you live. How does it make you feel? Safe? What are the people like? Critical?

Do you want change and thrive or sit and stagnate?

Feng Shui Pictures, Images and Photos

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art and study of environment and its impact on us. Learning about it can assist us on our quest to find a home base and therefore a place we can plant the seed of peace and happiness that we need in our lives.
A MUST HAVE book on Feng Shui is called Feng SHui mind body spirit home by Gill Hale and Mark Evans. It discusses how integral it is for us to find a city or town that we feel we can flourish in, whether it be a fashion conscious, open minded Rome or a quaint village in Yorkshire. Another great resource is Marie Diamond’s page, http://www.mariediamond.com, where she offers lots of free info on feng shui basics.

Why can’t you move to Japan? You may think ‘it’s not practical; I don’t speak the language’ or ‘I have family here’ etc but what you are really saying is that you are afraid. If you are dreaming about it as though it is a part of you that you are longing for, WHY IGNORE IT?
There are SO many opportunities that we can find or create for ourselves ALL over the world, from teaching a language ( such as ESL for native english speakers) to business.




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Writer, Blog Coach, and Digital Strategist based in Thailand. Wellness fan. Gamer.
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