>What is home? A Place, a concept, a feeling….


Before we left Phuket, I had a few minutes to myself and began to reflect on how some parents would probably chastise us for traveling so much. I could here them say how one needed to be in a permanent place, which would provide ‘stability’ for a child. I could see them going over the importance of landing a ‘secure’ job, a ‘career’.
The strange thing is that all of these concepts of what home is to some people is absolutely foreign to me. Because of the extensive amount of traveling I did with my family ( my dad was a salesman), it is in fact the way I find home: through experiencing life in various countries and cultures. I like the idea of having a career, but only if the career that one pursues one truly loves ( but come on people, you know most career people hate their careers and just do it for money or out of habit), but I am a writer, so until I have a novel out no one counts that as a career. It is sort of looked down upon, being an artist. That is such a sad way of looking at art and those who make it. It is not how I view it, nor how my hubsand does.
What really is home? Is it a place, and if so is it th place one was born or where one has lived the most? Is it a feeling, or a place which brings about said feeling? Or is it where you family is located? It’s an insteresting debate. To me, it’s where I can feel welcomed. That is number one in my book. Are the people in the community friendly and accepting or judgemental for the most part? If I am welcomed ( or left alone to be my strange, obscure self) then I feel like me, and that is when I feel at home.
I hope everyone takes some time to reanalyse their definition of home, and strives to go where they are happiest.


About Elizabeth Kelsey Bradley

Writer, Blog Coach, and Digital Strategist based in Thailand. Wellness fan. Gamer.
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