>Holistic Learning vs Indoctrinization


In society, no matter where you live, you will see an incredible miscalculation being implemented over and over again in the field of knowledge: children and adults alike are geared to look at external factors and not content of character, and in schooling this is emphasized in many respects. Children are pushed to memorize and regurgitate information instead of fully learning and comprehending the world around them. This information is usually lost after the test or paper has been taken, only basic information ( such as spelling and basic math) are retained into adulthood. Even in college, this system of memorize and regurgitate come test time is seen.
Is it not beyond obvious this system does not work, and does not produce unique individuals but fosters repeaters, children and adults who repeat what they have heard or been taught. This is known as memetics, this system of repeating the norm that is pushed by society.
Children and infants leave their family and homes for more hours then they are there ( thus almost totally destroying the family unit and giving less power to parents as to society in its many forms, whether TV, schooling institutions, friends, spots, and internet; no wonder the divorce rate is the highest it has ever been…). They are taught from this young age to follow society and to mimic their peers, opinion leaders ( such as those on MTV or in sports), and trends that they see others following. Is there any wonder parents have such little control over what their kids do? The kids are BARELY at home! To contend with this, when the children or infants are in institutionalized schooling, they are programed to learn facts that have been deemed fit for them to know. They are not taught to fully research and become critical thinkers ( unless they have an amazing teacher, and this is becoming more and more rare), nor to become compassionate leaders that can help move the course of society in a better direction.
No. Instead they are told WHAT to learn, as well as HOW.
The problem with this, despite almost destroying the family and giving more power to society, is that children are not learning anything other then to follow the leader. Those that disagree with this system can turn to drugs, suicide, or the many other forms of rebellion from a mind who just doesn’t want to follow society’s set plan for their life.
The Memorize-Test system fails on every level. It doesn’t respect the child/adult and their VERY individual way of learning. Maybe one learns through play while another through art and yet another through educational media. I received a 100,000 dollar Middle and High school education, and I can tell you this: I learned the most through reading in my freetime and talking with my professors as though they were peers. I loved the formal classroom experience, but come test time, I could not retain the information I had learning. I simply drew a blank, as though I had learned nothing at all. On top of this, I did not have the time to do my own research to learn more about the subject at hand. I had 6 hours a night of homework, and the pressure was immense.
But that was boarding school. The public and private school systems share their own flaws, from no learning, verbal/physical abuse, rape, harassment, forced learning, an unfriendly or abusive environment…and the list goes on. In Korea, the hogwan system works kids until sometimes 11pm from an early age. Despite a number of Korean families disliking the hogwan system, they follow their neighbors and friends and continue to send their kids to this after school school. An incredible pressure is put on the students to go to the best Uni as possible, but little thought is given to what career would make them happy and feel fulfilled. My best friend Jihoe told me her mother told her she had so many questions as a child, but when teachers in her school made it clear they did not want to hear or answer her questions, her interest in learning disappeared, only to be replaced by the memorize-test mentality. She was not sure what she wanted to learn in Uni or do afterward, so she began studying Russian. When she went to Russia to live ( and after her school housing was burned down) she realized it wasn’t for her).
The suicide rate in both Japan and Korea amongst students is getting higher each year, and this tragedy needs to end…now. But if this system of copying our neighbor and being infected by the memes of society ( memes are thoughts/beliefs we hear or see that we then repeat and take as our own thoughts/beliefs). If we cannot stand up for ourselves and our children, what are we left with?
Children are treated as inferior to adults, as though they are second class citizens, when in reality they are far, far more intelligent and valuable then us adults. They have not yet become fully brainwashed into the mundane routines that we follow, and put more emphasis on learning and life, until they reach a point where they become ( mimic) us. It is a sad, sad fact, and the movie The Five Thousand Fingers of Dr. T shows how children are pushed around and adults where ‘their wallets by their hearts.’
‘Now just because we’re kids
Because we’re sorta small
Because we’re closer to the ground
And you’re bigger pound by pound
You have no right
You have no right
To push us little kids around.

Now just because your throat
has got a deeper voice
And lots of wind to blow it out
At little kids who dare to shout
You have no right
You have no right
To push and beat us little kids around

Just because you have
whiskers on your face to shave
You treat us like a slave
So what? It’s only hair.
Just because you wear
A wallet near your heart
You think you’re twice as smart
You know that isn’t fair
But we’ll grow up one day
And when we do I pray
We won’t just grow in size and sound
and just be bigger pound by pound
I’d hate to grow like some I know
Who like to push and shove us little kids around.’

The protagonist’s mother does not listen to his not wanting to a pianist and instead forces him to spend hours playing, telling him he would stay at the piano forever until he gets in right. Where are his rights? He has none, and as the movie illustrates, parents are ‘supposed’ to be dictator-like and children are supposed to blindly follow.
Ask yourselves these questions:
~What does society emphasize as being more important: exteriors and looks or content of Character?
~Are leaders or Followers made more by this system of memorize-test?
~ Do children spend more time with you or away from you?
~ Does society value and teach more compassion or indifference?
~ Are your kids learning or memorizing? Are they happy about this?

Mathew Kelly discusses in his book Building Better Families the war between society and the family, and how companies WANT to break up the family, as this makes double of everything and is more profitable: two cars, two houses, two TVs, etc. In the thought provoking article by Giordano Bruno on infowars, he asks us if we are useful idiots or critical thinkers who think out of the box and are not afraid to question ( http://www.infowars.com/the-fuzzy-logic-of-useful-idiots/).

Our family has decided to unschool, a method of homeschooling that helps the child learn at his/her own pace, and explore the world with passion and interest. It does not focus on memorizing and lets the child become his/her own teacher, and looks at everyone and everything as teachers as well; can we not learn from every aspect of life and every person?
This world needs thoughtful, compassionate mavericks, and our children DESERVE to learn and be with their families, not memorize and test only to fail in life or pick a job that seems popular to the masses. If they want to become an artist in life, why can’t they? Because society says they can’t? If they want to be a good scientists, then they NEED to be mavericks or we will only have those that think in the box.


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