Before we move, I wanted to give a brief glimpse of our life last year in Geumchon, South Korea. We went there after pondering how and where to leave the States, where our daughter Kaya Alaqua was born. We wanted to explore Asia, although initially I had chosen Italy. Billy began teaching English at a public school in Geumchon ( Gyonggi-do), and initially loved it, but towards to end the 9 to 5 schedule and late nights working on power point for school lessons took a toll on our marriage and on his health ( he has asthma). This along the area we were initially living in were the downsides.
The upsides, however, were plenty, and we have both fallen in love with South Korea and Koreans in general.

I cannot stress enough how much I love Koreans. Some of our closest friends we made while living there, and we feel like part of their families. They are much more loyal then Westerners, and when we left it was literally like a brother or sister leaving. It was a challenge.

We all ( including Kaya) love Korean food ( traditional Korea, not the fast food pseudo Western variety growing in popularity). We don’t eat meat and try to eat mostly organic, so this posed a problem, but the amazing dubu/tofu of Paju made eating at home a joy, and soon we were introduced by Jihoe, Haena, and Mi Lee to the hidden fish and veg restaurants in the area. Had we been more mobile, we could have visited Seoul more often and enjoyed the veg friendly temple food and international cuisine there. Nonetheless, we are kimchi and spice ADDICTS, so we made do.

Kaya LOVES Asian food, over European or Western cuisine. She LOVES mushrooms, kim/seaweed, toasted sesame oil, rice or mungbean noodles, dubu/tofu, and yes, kimchi. We all are tea fanatics.

Since we are unschoolers ( homeschoolers) and do attachment parenting, I was never far from Kaya, and this proved to be a challenge for me, as she went through a VERY sensitive phase where she would literally hit me if an adult came near us. She loves kids but views adults as a threat to me ( aka she is ultra jealous, hits my hubsand’s hand away if he tries to hold me). It became a nightmare going out with her, so I was limited on where we could go. Luckily we had a great park in our apartment complex and it was completely empty most of the time ( sad but true; kids were always at school or hogwan)

In other words, I did not get a lot of time to myself, but I still got more time then I did when we lived in LA, where I got harassed when I walked out the door, so preferred to wait until my husband got home. I basically went to Ediya or Ti Amo and read my school book. It was the first time in a long time I had free time, as Billy watched Ky for an hour or so.

We would have loved to have had time to explore more of Korea, and to have done more with Kaya, but since I was still nursing her and she was sensitive, this didn’t happen. We did have a little vacation in Seoul however, and our friends Jon and Angel, as well as my mom, came to visit. They all stayed at the M hotel, where my fam and I stayed towards the end of our stay in Korea.


Well, there is a LOT we could say about how time there, but I will make future posts with pics, and more details. Since we are moving to Phuket, we won’t be too far away from our Korean ‘family’.


About Elizabeth Kelsey Bradley

Writer, Blog Coach, and Digital Strategist based in Thailand. Wellness fan. Gamer.
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