>Voyage back to the Orient


After having been back in the EU ( specifically Cortona, Italy) we are on our way back to Phuket, Thailand, where we will be living permanently and intend on adding to our family ( we hope to have the next bio and the one after that adopted). We have a plethora of reasons for leaving, but they are personal and I don’t think I can properly convey them all here.

I am a Brit, and half American, and I grew up in France, Singapore, and the Midwest ( the last of which was torture). I have always loved the first two places, both of which I considered my homes ( although we spent more time in Antibes then Singapore); it became a dream of mine to raise our family in either of this two continents, and my husband agreed it was the best for our family. Since my husband, another mix like me ( Canadian American lol), is an actor, the intention was for us to leave Korea and go to the UK, where he could take British citizenship and act in film/theater there. Since we have pets, we had to do a 6 month wait to get them into the UK, so decided to come and relax in Cortona, where we were contemplating staying if we fell in love with it. Cortona is a small place, everyone basically knows everyone else, and it is incredibly conservative. We made several very good friends, one of which is a Vedantist like us ( he is AMAZING and is also an herbalist like us, although we are rogue ones). My husband expressed he missed Phuket, where we vacationed after leaving Korea, and I agreed with him; our entire fam just fell in love with it, and Asia as a whole.
Since Thailand is a.) cost effective b.) has Thai people, who are AWESOME and not anal like Westerners ( come one, you know we are)and c.) it is near Singapore, and has easy access to most of Asia, this was what works best for us. Billy has asthma, and so avoiding wheat and dairy is important for his health, and the superfoods in Thailand are perfect for us, our mostly vegan, raw loving selves.

Getting specific vitamins, herbs, and such proved to be a challenge in Italy. I just read an article on the Guardian on how certain common vitamins are going to be strictly regulated in the Eu, even more then they already are, and I have major issues with this crack down on health freedom. The traditional foods here, like almost everywhere else, are being fucked with. Corn syrup and fake colours are invading common items, and this is Italy, known for its healthy, tasty foods. Now like I said, this issue is everywhere, and I am not saying Thailand or Asia doesn’t have severe issues on all fronts, as it is obvious it does, but I can easily get organic yerba from brazil there, order off of iherb every week, or even better, go pick my own kaffir lime or galanga and enjoy the plethora of phytonutrients.
Again, we have our reason, and the first and foremost is we love love love Asia, and unschooling is easy to do in Thailand. We still don’t know what we will do regarding income, but our book will be finished in a month or so, and hopefully I will wrap up my doctorate at the University of Sedona. Maybe we will find a way to do satsang all day, and open a non culty spiritual center. Or MAYBE my Anthony Bordain obsession will lead me to become a gonzo journalist. Or maybe something else. Either way, we can’t wait.

I will miss a lot of things about Europe in general, especially since I am a writer.
Antibes fueled my passion and drove me to observe life, while the States made me introvert and feel abnormal. I did not get enough time in Cortona to enjoy the cafes that would have captivated me when I was a teen, and have been like a hermit here ( and funny enough, we live across from the franciscan monastery ( which has really been a refuge for me). This odd bought of hermetic living is now boring me, but did wonders for the post partum anxiety I had, and am greatful for it.
Part of me really really misses Antibes, to the extent I actually refuse to think about the town. It is too challenging. I also refuse to envision myself in the UK, as I miss it there as well ( and miss my family; my Uncle Frank passed away last year). And then another part of me would love to be in say Norway or Denmark, or maybe Sweden. But this is really what is best for us, and we all know it.

We have become pretty political, with regards to what is happening in the US ( economic disaster, possible hyperinflation that no one is talking about, Monsanto, war after war…) and EU, and it has driven us both mad. Well not really, but it is beyond infuriating when I try to talk about the Federal Reserve or Obama administration being like Bush, and I get labeled a conspiracy theorist. I have given up trying to show people how I am not into having my friends in the Middle East killed, or my American friends sent to war only to return with no job and no help. It sickens me what is happening, but I am a Vedantist and vow to overcome my inner sadness about the path humanity has taken year after year. Kaya’s godpop, an Iraqi American, is doing OK, we are doing OK…and we need to focus on the positive and take some time to get our spiritual life going again.

As far as unschooling goes, we feel travel is imperative for our family, and Kaya loves it. Going back to Phuket, is something she asks about 3 times a day, wanting to see the elephants, eat hot curry, and hopefully visit India this year as a family.
Ahh, the unschooling life…


About Elizabeth Kelsey Bradley

Writer, Blog Coach, and Digital Strategist based in Thailand. Wellness fan. Gamer.
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