>Holistic Punk: an ode to obscure families ( like us)


I’m not sure if I am the only parent out there who happens to be A.) a major gamer B.) a Vedantist C.) dresses and acts like an absent minded professor, as though I just woke up and talks about esoteric subjects all day long D.) has a style that mixes vintage with punk, trying to fit into a Murder She Wrote episode ( or maybe Dark Shadows…or maybe American Gothic…). I would REALLY like to fit into one category, but sadly, I don’t and never have. This means I can really piss people off, or at least confuse them. I imagine if I was in Belar Math ( Ramakrishna headquarters) or a Benedictine monastery, all would be well until I went into a rant on how much I love True Blood, have an obsession with the Silent Hill series, and never clean ( because when I do, things somehow look worse).
However, in case I am wrong ( and I’m hoping I am), I wanted to give a shout out to other parents who are, like me, strange. or fit into multiple categories and don’t know how to explain themselves to others. I am calling our category Holistic Punk, as Billy and I are both of these, edgy and obscure mixed with healthy, holistic, and spiritually devoted.
I’m going to give some random links if things I love. They may scare you, or you may love them.


I love love love etsy.com, and Carmen, designer at repurposeful Punk, basically nails my fashion style right on the head. Her dresses are mostly vintage refurbed, reused and redesigned ( think old school Xmas sweaters revamped to look sexy; yes, it can be done).




Are you a nerd, but yet a sexy one? Why not show it by wearing this SUPER cute locket from Jewelry Deli on etsy. I just ordered one myself.


Do you want your children to inspire others? Do you like Robots or dinosaurs? yes, these may not SEEM to go together, but Happy Family really throw dork and spiritual into the same category somehow. We buy regularly from them.


I have an addiction to vintage, specifically 70s and 80s fashion. Pintucksew on etsy is my favorite, and offers a variety of AMAZING finds in ALL sizes.



I am in love with Noomi Rampace, and the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo film series. peoplescouture make amazing chain mail body harnesses.



I basically live in these kaftans, made by Shikha at silkandmore. If you are a nursing moms, live in a hot climate, or just want to look good and be comfortable, check out her store.




I just found pennydreadful, and feel now I can unschool all day long while looking like a major badass. My 80s addicted self LOVES the blue jacket BIG TIME.


I collect vintage cookbooks, and veganify the ones I find at Funkyjunkyvintage. There collection is amazing, and they frequently have specials and sales.




The ULTIMATE site for unschoolers ( and all types of homeschoolers) as well as geeks for lost TV shows is http://www.tv-vault.me David The Gnome teaches kids about herbalism and Waldorf elements, Bill Nye shows off his science skills. You can find Muppet Babes ( HELL YES) and a plethora of horror, sci fi, fanatasy, and commercials that you will be drooling over. And, ahem they are free.

I could go on and on and on, and probably will one day. But I want everyone to know that not fitting inside a box is GREAT. There is hope. There are others.


About Elizabeth Kelsey Bradley

Writer, Blog Coach, and Digital Strategist based in Thailand. Wellness fan. Gamer.
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One Response to >Holistic Punk: an ode to obscure families ( like us)

  1. Jen O says:

    >loving this list! thanks for including my dear little PintuckStyle there too–keep an eye out for vintage caftans, guatemalan tops and mexican dresses I hope to post soon for the globally inspired!

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