>Osteria del Teatro, Cortona


So, I went out to lunch today; since we are leaving, my husband has kicked me out of the house ( bless the angel) to get some mom time for me to write, photograph, and eat. We are both BADLY craving spicy Asian food, but I love truffles ( all mushrooms really) and Osteria has some wonderful truffle delights.
I don’t get out much, period, but I now don’t like going out alone. I get stared at alot ( no matter where I am) and am plagued with the eternal question ‘Where is the Baby?’, as though I left her on a street corner by accident. It always irritates me as the tone with which people say it is to guilt trip me for having a moment alone. It irritates the hell out of my husband as well. Fortunately, I never get it at Osteria. The staff is just so lovely!

I’m pseudo French, so even though I normally eat a vegan diet, I had myself some truffle fondue; funny enough, despite living in France 18 years, I never have had fondue, so this was the first time for me. It was fun and of course enjoyable. I had some tortelloni with a creamy black truffle sauce as well ( that I didn’t photograph for some reason) and some rabe.

As more and more people arrived, I decided to continue my ‘I’m a gonzo journalist/ professional photographer’ guise and ambition and took a walk around, photographing the incredible, cozy restaurant. From the famous actors headshots ( and sigs) on the wall to the ornate ceiling fixtures, Osteria feels comfortable, and embodies what Cortona feels like in winter: quiet, basking in solitude.

In the summer, Osteria is mobbed. It has the ‘it’ throne in town, although there are other fantastic restaurants, Osteria has the cozy chic atmosphere, even when it is packed. When my mom was in town in October, she went basically everynight, and it was always busy, forcing one to take any table available, or wait until another night. When my mother in law and aunt/uncle came in November, they were closed, so we had the opportunity to explore other, lesser known restaurants in town.



No matter which restaurant is your favorite in town, or if you have never been and are looking for some delicious delights, you must dine in Osteria del Teatro.


About Elizabeth Kelsey Bradley

Writer, Blog Coach, and Digital Strategist based in Thailand. Wellness fan. Gamer.
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