>Well, we made it!


Ahhhh….we survived. What a journey. I mean really, it wasn’t, but with a VERY intense toddler, moving back to Asia was hell….seriously. It started out bad, actually, as we had a lot to do, and our finances were low. We wanted a direct flight to Phuket, and the only one we found was out of Munich, so we took a nighttrain from Firenza to Munich ( which was…not fun; the most cramped cabin EVER, the same size as the bathroom, but Kaya was amazing on it). We stayed in Munich for a few nights, then flew to Phuket. We were charged 500 Euro for excess backage weight, which SUCKED, but what can one do. We were moving, not going on vacation.

We got to the hotel ( a beautiful one in Kamala), and realized we are somewhat broke until our money gets transfered. We don’t have a car either, or do we know exactly what we are going to do for income. We also have the worst jet lag EVER, which is a new one for me, as I have traveled even longer then this and normally don’t get it ( or very much). Thus, we are pretty stressed at the minute. The house is very nice, the pets made it alright ( minus my baby Iris May, who died in November; I miss her so much it hurts…).
Who knows what tomorrow holds for us…all we can do is believe and to be open to Spirit. We are so blessed to have made it over here, and although my uber negative bank likes to lecture my mom on how unrealistic our lives are ( no comment on that one, as no matter what I do with my life, this bank feels it has a right to insult me; it’s a long story), I am choosing to believe life is not all about a 9 to 5. Nor about sending kids of to school 24/7. I like our obscure, unique unschooled life.


About Elizabeth Kelsey Bradley

Writer, Blog Coach, and Digital Strategist based in Thailand. Wellness fan. Gamer.
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