>Let’s all be ‘gal mamas’


I have been accused repeatedly of being ‘serious’ my whole life. I’m incredibly passionate  and excited to learn everything I can before I die, but it’s true: I am very serious.

Ever since having my daughter, developing post partum depression and anxiety, and then nursing nonstop for 3 years ( leave me alone, my kid is almost never sick so it is worth it), my being ‘serious’ increased, and a lack of enjoyment of life resulted. I’ve traveled a lot  and this almost always has been a great source of pleasure for me. But now that I am a mom, I worry. I see how corrupt governments are, how disgustingly bad educational systems are around the world ( either nonexistent or horribly strict and suffocating), and this affects me. I need a little trivial enjoyment in my life, not always the activist side of me ranting and raving. I’m a writer, an artist, and a gamer. I recharge while looking at etsy.com or Jpop/Kpop and vintage stuff. I love obscure fashion, even if I wouldn’t wear it. And the ‘serious’ ‘spiritual’ side of me hates this, calling it trivial and egocentric. Fuck it. There needs to be a balance, there needs to be art and inspiration. And what is Japan so good at? Design.
I’ve been a Japanfanatic for some time now, and I think it began when I fell in love with Asian cinema and developed a preference to it over anything from hollywood. This continued when we discovered Little Tokyo in LA, and began going there daily. LA is lucky in that it has such an array of cultures and ways of living that one can find obscure items with relative ease ( if one is willing to drive and deal with the insane traffic). There was a bilingual Japanese English fashion magazine I cam across, and then I love mama, a random mother-child fashion mag out of Japan. I loved it.
‘Gal mamas’ are harajuku lovers…that are moms. They want to retain their unique style ( ranging from cosplay to kawaii to whatever) while being a parent. Admirable or egocentric? It’s artistic, and totally admirable. Sure, some moms all over the world are fashion-shopping-material obsessed, and that is not my thing. But character and self expression are.
As an unschooler, I want to teach my kids about self expression and finding what is right for them. I think gal mamas and their associated mags are a great way to bond with girls or boys. Why not? Unschooling teaches that one learns just by living, not by textbooks or dictation. Can fashion be a form of education? Of course! How does one identify a Masaai? By what they wear. We all have distinct backgrounds and interests. We need to respect everyone, no matter what they look like, what they wear, or where they are from.
If you are in love with Japan, fashion/self expression through clothing, then google gal mamas, or check out these links:
Mart (http://mart-magazine.com/index_main.html)
SAKURA (http://sakuramama.jp/)
Saita (http://www.saita.net/saita/index.htm)
BLENDA (http://www.blenda.jp/)
I LOVE mama (http://www.fujisan.co.jp/Product/1281683285)
como (http://www.prebabycomo.com/como/index.php)


About Elizabeth Kelsey Bradley

Writer, Blog Coach, and Digital Strategist based in Thailand. Wellness fan. Gamer.
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