>Unschooling Preschool


In the above picture ( taken in Cortona, Tuscany), Kaya looked like a magician, as she had put on my little caplet and climbed into a large cardboard box. Behind her, she had ended up colouring on the wall ( again) when I wasn’t looking.

Ah, unschooling/homeschooling with preschoolers!

I am quite sick of hearing kids this young ( and older) need to be with friends all day long, being watched by someone I don’t know and without me there. BULLSHIT. I know my girl loves kids, and really wants us to have another baby. Wonderful, and natural. But I also know if I stuck her with a bunch of kids for 4 or more hours a day she would flip out and not be happy.
I don’t know if it’s just me, but I have seen young children her age acting more violent then ever before, both girls and boys. I’ve noticed this trend in 3 different countries, and it makes me wonder what is going on. I am not talking about tantrums, as we know kids act possessed when they ‘tant’ ( as I call it), I am talking about for no reason acting mean or cruel. My girl doesn’t do that, and it’s not like we live in a box and never watch movies or TV shows ( sans commercials) or play video games. She is just not violent ( unless having a tant). And she is especially kind with kids.
Something is deeply wrong with society, on many levels, and I think in preschools this is strongly being reflected. One needs to not just drop off one’s kid and hope for the best.
So, what we as unschoolers have been doing is hanging out at home and in the garden, cooking and learning about herbalism and natural medicine ( as she loves veg), and then going to parks and kid friendly places and letting her play with the kids there. Frequently, however, we come across a violent kid who wants to hit her out of the blue, or an unfriendly family not interested in letting their child play with her. Luckily she has met a few kids who are not doing this, and one is coming over tomorrow.
Since I am doing attachment parenting, and Kaya is very sensitive and ‘intense’, we mostly do things together as a family, and at home or nearby. Some of the things we unschool at home are:

~ Gardening in our semi tropical garden
~ learning languages via movies, pre screened TV programs, books, and by talking with our friends
~colouring and such
~chanting ( we are Vedantists, aka Hindu)
~cooking. This is perhaps her favorite thing to do, and we all help out
~ playing dressup with maman’s kaftans and clothes
~ playing with the online dinosaur train games on the website

When we go out, we tend to either go to some local cafes, where Ky can play and dance to Kpop ( which one of them plays), to the Chalong wat ( temple), or to a restaurant on the beach that has a play ground in it.
Yeah, it gets boring, and I look forward to when the terrible twos are gone, and when I can converse with her more. But there is NO WAY in hell I am dropping her off somewhere ( other then a dance class or something like that, where I remain present) and letting her fend for herself. Unless I know the parents and kids personally, it’s not happening.


About Elizabeth Kelsey Bradley

Writer, Blog Coach, and Digital Strategist based in Thailand. Wellness fan. Gamer.
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2 Responses to >Unschooling Preschool

  1. ethan says:

    >After finding your blog/Twitter feed while trawling for unschooling tweeps, I must say: sounds like an awesome lifestyle!And yeah, I agree that there's no need for preschool, especially if you plan on doing anything remotely like unschooling. I was… 15, I think, before I started regularly spending more than 3 hours with a group of people, and that was at a volunteer job.At the same time, I'm very well-adjusted socially, probably more so than I would be had I experienced a normal education. I'm not particularly extroverted, and I think my personality is fairly close to the personalities of a lot of geeks and nerds who have panic attacks in social situations… yet I'm somehow that one guy in a lot of my social circles who knows *everyone*. I suspect it's because of what I DIDN'T learn from school. For example, I met one of my good friends by running after her at the end of class and saying it was cool that she knew ASL, which I think I would've learned is a "bad thing" in school. I also probably would've learned that people are mean, which wouldn't be useful long-term…So, yeah, there's no need for preschool. Life at home will work just fine :).

  2. >Hey Ethan! I am a major geek myself lol! I have heard of some wonderful, holistic preschools, but they are such a minority; I wish more people unschooled, homeschooled, or would create holistic preschools instead of institutions that promote bullies and inhibit curiosity.Blessings to you in life and on your journey! eel free to write/comment any time!! bradley Family

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