Munich and train pics

So I am basically ‘double blogging now’ here and on wordpress,, as I am trying to gage which I like better. I don’t know if this is considered cheating, but if it is I am sorry. 😉
The above pic was taken when we were in Munich; sadly, we left behind our upscale camera in Italy (GRRRRR) and are waiting for it to be mailed to us.
We took a night train to Munich from Florence; my GOD is it upscale! The train bunk SUCKED big time thought. SOOOO SMALL. And I have taken night trains before.

That is basically the size of the entire cabin, plus a few inches. It was hell, but THANKFULLY Kaya Alaqua was being a good girl and I didn’t end up having a panic attack. Billy however, had to deal with the bags as I watched her, which was physical torture ( he overpacked).
Munich was stunning, but we didn’t get out much and our hotel was not very kid friendly. We were also the youngest people staying there, which is fine with me but we got a lot of stares. The beer was AMAZING. I mean, it is REAL BEER. The purity of it was insane. Good thing we didn’t stay as my post baby tum would have turned into a beer gut.
Wish I had more pics to show the charm and cleanliness of everything. I wish Ky was older in many ways, as we could have done more with her ( she has been acting like a toddler terrorist for the last year, and she HATES other adults).
There is a direct Munich to Phuket flight, so maybe one day we will visit again…and have a few more pints. 😉


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Writer, Blog Coach, and Digital Strategist based in Thailand. Wellness fan. Gamer.
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