Phuket Pad

The above pic was taken from our room in Kamala, before we moved into our house in Chalong.

Since we have been to Phuket before, and lived here for a month, we knew where to go to find a place, and where we wanted to be. Chalong is away from Pataong ( the really touristy part), near some local night markets, close to the stores that carry organic imported stuff, and not too far from a plethora of restaurants. It’s right by Nai Harn as well, where we love to go.

It’s a really nice house, but since I took this photo with my crappy camera, you can’t really tell. 😦 The nice pics will come when our good cam gets sent over. The outside does need a little painting in some places, but in general it is a really really nice 3 bedroom, a great place to unschool and hang out.

The front of our garden. I need to take more pics of the back, which is the bigger part.

blurry pics, I know. This is the living room. It is somewhat small but the kitchen is really nice, and we have some wonderful furniture from Chiang Mai.

balcony ( off of master bed)

Kids room ( bunk beds) that we use as the computer room, since we cosleep with Ky. πŸ™‚

master bed, with Queen Kaya stealing my jewelry…

Guest bedroom and library

some very nice furniture , very big too

Another pic of the kids room aka computer room.

This is our fav restaurant in Phuket, located on the beach and with a cute playground for kids. Ky HATES being near adults other then us ( not sure why) so here she has lots of space and can play.

Here’s the beach it is on.

More pics to come, and hopefully better ones. πŸ™‚



About Elizabeth Kelsey Bradley

Writer, Blog Coach, and Digital Strategist based in Thailand. Wellness fan. Gamer.
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2 Responses to Phuket Pad

  1. Amy says:

    Looks nice! I want to settle down and rent places too. So much better than moving around all the time.

    • Yes totally rent!! In general, outside of Japan renting is cheap. I can hook you up with loads of links for rental places here and in other parts of Asia. Since we lived in Korea last year, many of our friends are Korean so if you go there, let me know. πŸ™‚

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