Ways to finance your travels

I think most people are looking for ways to create a mobile income; the 9 to 5 is pretty dead, and we all know it. But finding a way out is a challenge.

If you want to worldschool, unschool, or homeschool, or just plain old travel as much as possible, you are most probably looking for an easy way to finance these things and keep you and your family together.

After I read the 4 Hour Workweek, I felt that we could not longer accept the 9 to 5 as our means of income. We were trying to figure out what to do, and were researching nonstop ways to work from home OR work as little as possible. These are some of the possibilities we have come across.

1.) Teach English online

This is a really, really good option for native English speakers, because you can teach ANYWHERE and do not need a degree to do so. As long as you are fluent in English, have skype, and are a nice person, you can do this. In general, I have seen teachers charge between 15 and 30 dollars, depending on experience.

These are the sites I have come across, and registration is free ( note: on one or two it is a pain finding the page where you register as a teacher. Keep looking on the page, as it is somewhere there, maybe down below in the fine print it says ‘teachers’ or ‘register here’.lol)

2.) For artists or vintage lovers, SELL ON etsy, OR  shopify. These two sites allow sellers to create a seller page and showcase your item(s) to interested people who can search for them. To learn how to promote your site or product, I again recc getting 4 Hour Workweek, as he goes into how to market relatively cheaply.
3.) MLM
MLM is a business that used to be annoying as all hell, where people who just harass their friends to join or buy their products. Multi Level Marketing and network marketing has changed greatly since the internet and facebook and twitter. Now, you can advertise ONLY to those actually interested in your home based business or product, and not to everyone under the moon or family/friends. We are personally with Lifepath Unlimited, but really there are thousands of these companies.  the key is you HAVE TO LIKE WHAT YOU ARE SELLING AND THE COMPANY, so just because the ‘compensation plan’ looks good, doesn’t mean in a month’s time you will still be interested in the product.
4.) Blogging
I am a new blogger, but I know of many blogs where they rake in a lot of cash from sponsors and google ads. This is a great option for travelers to post about their lives and travels, but it may take some time to get a good income from this.
5.) Write!!
OK I am a writer, so I am biased. This is my favorite realm of income because books ROCK. But you don’t even have to do books, you can do ebooks, which can be on your particular passion or realm of expertise. There are companies like http://www.lulu.com that allow you to self publish, so you don’t have to find an agent or publisher. Use the marketing techniques in 4 Hour Workweek to advertise it, and create a facebook and twitter page, as well as a blog.
For people who do not mind experiencing working in a foreign country, I recc either teaching English or volunteering. We taught English in Korea, and if you find the right school, this can be a wonderful experience. Check out Dave’s ESL Cafe for ESL jobs in many countries. Some require a TEFL cert and/or a College cert.

About Elizabeth Kelsey Bradley

Writer, Blog Coach, and Digital Strategist based in Thailand. Wellness fan. Gamer.
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5 Responses to Ways to finance your travels

  1. Ethan says:

    Ooh, handy list, with some good ideas. In my case, I’m planning on doing freelance web and programming work while traveling – I used elance.com for just such a business last (northern hemisphere) summer, and I plan on picking it right back up once I’m out of school.

    Hmm, come to think of it, it would also be cool to see a list of countries that do (or do not) have easy-to-acquire visas which officially permit you to work while on the go…

  2. Thanks for the ESL teaching links. Perfect timing! 🙂

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