The importance of family

Yesterday was one of those days: the kind you hope never happen and when they do, you have no idea how to handle them, nor what lies in your future.

I had watched a look at what is going on regarding homeless families in the US, and how the government there keeps doing, and though I am very well aware of how bad things are worldwide, seeing the families being torn apart by shelters or forced to live in Motels after they had lost everything…well, it made me worry. We realized that the place storing our belongings in Korea will trash them if we don’t have them shipped over ( long story short, they normally don’t store things, they are a shipping company) and the bill will be LARGE. Since we live in Thailand, things are cheapish here, so that money would be sustaining us until we get our home business up and running, and would allow us to keep our family together instead of having dad gone to a 9 to 5 all day long.

But when we found out how much everything would cost, we realized it would be taking most ( if not all) of the money we have. In other words, this is a major crisis, right when we are trying to be self sufficient.

Being the activist and worrying mom, I could not keep my cool. One family member used the situation to her advantage, trying to lure us to move where she is. Not what we wanted to hear, and not an option. It would mean leaving our furry kids behind, leaving our little house. And no one would be able to take care of the maltreated animals in our area.

Normally, I am great at scheming… I almost always have something up my sleeve and see odd ways out of situations. This time, I was clueless. Thankfully, my husband became ultra determined to somehow make things work. I doubted him and still am uncertain as to how we are going to work it out, but his faith in us and our dreams possessed him, and he began to take over my shift of internet research ( we are investing in a great home business that is positive and has a great compensation plan, but need to build a professional blog for it and do all the marketing training, which will take many hours to do). If all you twitter peeps want to know why I haven’t been on there or here as much, it’s because I have been watching tons of videos on attraction marketing.

The 60 minutes documentary showed how all the families who were struggling with homelessness pulled together, and all of them said that no matter what, family needs to stay together and support eachother. Isn’t that true for us, no matter what our current situation is, whether one is affluent or not?

I randomly ended up watching one of the Saw movies afterwards ( it was the only movie on TV) and even though it was most prob not the best choice, the interesting theme is how badly do people want to survive? How much do they want to live? What will they do for their loved ones to save them? These are interesting questions we all must ask ourselves.

I have been reading I Am That as well as Finding Sanctuary, and both have made me meditate on desire, intention, and faith. I believe that what Napolean Hill says in Think And Grow Rich is true: we have to want something so badly, be so determined that no is not an option. If families can have this intense support for one another, as well as friends have it for friends, we can overcome anything. But we have to want to be there for our loved ones, and we have to truly want a positive solution to our current situation. We also have to have faith in the unmanifest (whatever you want to call it).

Above all, we have to have incredible faith in ourselves. That is the foundation from which a family can grow and healing can occur. If our children learn this from an early age ( and we all know they don’t at school…), if they are taught to have immense faith in themselves and love for their families, what type of world will we manifest?

A better, more united one. That’s for certain.


About Elizabeth Kelsey Bradley

Writer, Blog Coach, and Digital Strategist based in Thailand. Wellness fan. Gamer.
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One Response to The importance of family

  1. Dana says:

    Sorry for the stress…. 😦

    You guys rock,and you will survive! ❤ ❤ ❤

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