Our roadtrip to The Andaman Club (Myanmar)

So, we just got back from our vacation (ahem…visa run) to The Andaman Club. We drove from our home in Phuket to Ranong, and then took a ferry from the Club’s private pier to the island.
The drive was stunning, and much less daunting then my always worrying self had imagined…although there were some wtf moments where trucks were playing chicken with us until they overtook the car in front of them…and the military or polic checkpoints…and the several places where the bridges were being redone. All in all, I love it, esp the way there.

An hour or so out of Phuket, we stopped off at 1, 2 Cookies and had a great time. Kaya loved the family/bakers who are living their dreams and baking all day long.

I want this truck…badly….

The drive def took a toll on us ( a 3 year old in the car for 4 hours…not easy) but the way there was much easier then the way back. Immigration/customs sucked; Kaya was at her breaking point and in need of her nap, and the guy doing the paperwork wasn’t the nicest…on the Myanmar side, they were really wonderful.

on the boat, leaving Thailand

The hotel and island are located in the Mergui Archipelago in southern Burma, directly across from Ranong. Most of its guests ( according to the staff) are Thai, Russian, and Chinese. The island has a casino and golf course, as well as a 24hour restaurant ( which is perfect for parents, in my book), large pool, spa, kids room, and game room.

As you can see from the pics, the hotel and its view are stunning. It was also almost completely empty, which for us was wonderful, although it did have a certain ominous tone to it, ala that one No Reservation episode… Some of the staff were very friendly, then oddly, two were outright rude; one told my daughter she should be in bed at 9:30 and then said she would open the kids room, only to make us wait by it for 20 minutes until she told us she changed her mind. The staff in the 24hr restaurant were incredibly kind, and the food was very good. For breakfast, I got my favorite thing in the world: congee. I loaded the huge steaming pot with fish sauce and dried chili and savoured every bite.

The Andaman Club is not only a hotel/casino but one can do a fast visa run by taking the boat from the Andaman Pier to the island, doing all the customs stuff and then turning around. Many Phuket based visa run places do just this. Because we have a toddler, we stayed overnight, and don’t regret it.


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4 Responses to Our roadtrip to The Andaman Club (Myanmar)

  1. what a beautiful place to “break” to!

  2. George says:

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