Creating a Mobile Income

As I have mentioned in previous posts, our goal is to keep dad at home and not at a 9 to 5. There are many reasons for this, ranging from that he has asthma to us attachment partnering. I mentioned that we were investigating what was the best route for our family, as there are many choices and many products and businesses to choose from. We kept putting it off for as long as possible, debating what we felt passionate about.
I am working on 3 books, one on our nomadic unschooling lifestyle. I need the ability to market the book, as I will be self publishing it. I picked up an old copy of Multiple Streams of Income I had received from a friend ( about 10 years ago) and his message resonated me: that having multiple incomes is the best route to go.
Thankfully, a friend of ours works from home and is in network marketing. We have had many conversations with him about the pitfalls of it, and which companies are best. We were hesitant to choose which one we wanted, as I despise sales. We knew we liked Lifepath Unlimited, but it is pricey to join. I like Youngevity’s products, but I like Sisquels as well. I had heard negative things about Herbalife, as well as positive.

Making the decision as to which was best for us seemed complicated, as well as ascertaining which was a waste of money.

In that post I mentioned, I wrote on how one can teach English online. I also mentioned that the number one thing you still need to is marketing skills. Most of us lack them. And then you know the annoying spammers who don’t get it either. Inbound marketing ( or unmarketing) is essential for everyone, regardless of what you do online. If you are an author, it goes for you as well. Everyone. One will fail without the proper marketing skills for the internet age we live in.

So, the friend I mentioned told me about two companies that were right up our alley: Infinity Downline and ROI Unlimited. Both are inexpensive to join, and deal with a.) marketing correctly online and b.) travel, which as you may know we love to do. We are also going to join Numis Network, which is inexpensive and has a great product for the times in which we live: assets.

These will be in tandem with blogging ( I am writing for 4 blogs and one spiritual journal) and working on the books.

Q and A

I want to teach English privately while abroad. What should I do to promote my services?

Well no matter where you will teach, you must learn about inbound marketing. This includes learning how to use twitter and gain followers in your niche, to optimizing your blog to SEO optimization.
You will be competing for students amongst other private teachers as well as schools. The best book for inbound marketing and learning how to promote yourself is Inbound Marketing. This will get you going on promoting your services.

I may want to create my own product and then sell it online. Is this a challenge to do or easier then MLM? How should I market it?

The ultimate book for automating income is 4 Hour Workweek. It goes into how to create a great a product from scratch, how to market it, and how/where to advertise. The downside is that you do need an advertising budget, although it may not be too costly. It depends on where you want to market.
Some MLM companies are cheap to start up, so this is a benefit. But you still need to promote your product or services. That’s why most people fail in MLM: they have no idea how to market and end up harassing their friends.

Are there any courses in marketing that are affordable?

Yes. I have started one of them, called Magnetic Sponsoring. It is fantastic, and I highly recc it. Done by Mike Dillard, it goes through all the steps of creating inbound marketing, how to create a blog and learn how to market on twitter and build what MLM people call a list. This is all done without spamming. You are contacted by prospects, not the other way around.
There are many other courses, but I haven’t done them. Go to for more info.

I am considering joining an MLM but I have no idea which one. What should I do?

This is a personal choice you have to make. Begin with researching the products the MLMs are offering. Which are you most passionate about? One cannot make it in MLM unless you believe in, use, and love whatever you are selling. PERIOD. You have to be hypermotivated to read marketing books and maybe do a marketing course.
You must also choose to sign with a person you like and admire and feel you gel with. Don’t randomly sign with someone. Google the company you like, and see what representatives pop up. Get in touch with them and speak with them, preferably several times. Do they seem like they are succeeding? Can they be a good guide in the MLM world? Are they good at online, inbound marketing? All these are key.

I want to self publish my book and have no idea how to market it. What should I do?

If you have the funds, I recommend buying a package from the self publishing sites that will help you get exposure. both Balboa press and Lulu have such packages.
If you can’t, no worries. I then absolutely recommend you read Inbound Marketing, take a marketing course, and get tweetadder. Tweetadder is a program that I use to find people with similar interests to our family ( homeschooling, travel, etc). You can use tweetadder to find people interested in reading your type of book, from horror to health. Add them as a friend, but don’t automate your messages. Write your own and be authentic. Be you. Don’t nonstop promote your book, but instead give your followers a glimpse into your life and interests.

I am a blogger, and want to make money blogging. Is this possible?

Absolutely! But what do you need to do this? Remarkable content ( as Inbound Marketing calls it), and knowledge of…guess what? Inbound marketing. Unmarketing, if you will: letting readers find you. Then, you can get advertisers to advertise on your page. You don’t need huge traffic to do this. Just remarkable content that people want to read and spread on social networking sites.

Well, I hope this helps anyone looking to create a mobile income. It really boils down to correct marketing. I am new to this arena, but I’ve learned so much already from reading the following books, which I can’t recommend enough:

Inbound Marketing
Multiple Streams of Income
4 Hour Workweek

Check out for load of free articles and videos on network marketing, as well as reviews of MLM companies.

For a bunch of links to teaching ESL online sites, go to my previous post on ways to finance your travels.


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One Response to Creating a Mobile Income

  1. Justin says:

    Nice Article and something all travelers question. Thanks for the great resources which for the most part are new to me. I have only been doing this for a few months and I am not even thinking about money at this point, but when I do, I will make use of this info.

    I must say that what I have experienced so far is that networking is king. Get out there, get to know people, connect with the like-minded people. The more people you know and share with, the more opportunities will come your way. And of course, create good content whether it be on a blog, newspaper or anywhere. Get minds rolling.

    Thanks Again!

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