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>Unschooling Preschool

> In the above picture ( taken in Cortona, Tuscany), Kaya looked like a magician, as she had put on my little caplet and climbed into a large cardboard box. Behind her, she had ended up colouring on the wall … Continue reading

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>Well, we made it!

  Ahhhh….we survived. What a journey. I mean really, it wasn’t, but with a VERY intense toddler, moving back to Asia was hell….seriously. It started out bad, actually, as we had a lot to do, and our finances were low. … Continue reading

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>Holistic Punk: an ode to obscure families ( like us)

> I’m not sure if I am the only parent out there who happens to be A.) a major gamer B.) a Vedantist C.) dresses and acts like an absent minded professor, as though I just woke up and talks … Continue reading

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>   Before we move, I wanted to give a brief glimpse of our life last year in Geumchon, South Korea. We went there after pondering how and where to leave the States, where our daughter Kaya Alaqua was born. … Continue reading

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>Voyage back to the Orient

> After having been back in the EU ( specifically Cortona, Italy) we are on our way back to Phuket, Thailand, where we will be living permanently and intend on adding to our family ( we hope to have the … Continue reading

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>Holistic Learning vs Indoctrinization

> In society, no matter where you live, you will see an incredible miscalculation being implemented over and over again in the field of knowledge: children and adults alike are geared to look at external factors and not content of … Continue reading

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>Life in Toscana: a new chapter

> SO…we have moved. We left Asia ( though we miss it dearly) and are now in Cortona, Toscana, Italia.You may wonder why, and I can’t really answer that clearly. No, we did not find a job here, as our … Continue reading

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