Holistic Home

When my husband developed severe asthma out of the blue, I decided ( on a complete whim) to go to India and begin learning the ancient science of Ayurveda at Jiva Institute. Sattvic Dad and I have been intensely studying nutrition, and my brief stay in India furthered what we had already known: how much of a role nutrition, herbalism, and lifestyle play in one’s health.
Through trial and error we learned what Western medicine had not told us, which was that his asthma was diet related and not due to air allergens. The hospitals he went to, as well as the specialist, said he had to go on steroids. We got him an inhaler for emergencies and said no thanks to the side effect loaded pills. He has an attack only after eating wheat, and is thus gluten intolerant. Finding this out gave us power, when before we thought he was doomed to taking medication that could cause him damage in the long run.

Eastern and shamanistic medicine has known for centuries that nature cures. Even Western hospitals in Japan, China, and India ( amongst others) have tested herbal remedies and proved that they cure various illnesses, from depression to AIDs ( yes, AIDs). The problem is that there is too much money being made by big pharma to get these test results to the masses in the West. In Dying To Have Known, a famous Western hospital begins adopting the Gerson method of treating cancer, through raw juice and food. One of the doctors himself adopted the diet and cured himself of cancer. Thus, the information is spreading,even amongst Western doctors. But the public at large still condemns herbalism and natural medicine, as the propaganda against it has been intense for years.
As a parent, I see how my unvaccinated and still nursing 3 year old is almost never sick. She has never had a runny nose. We use herbalism on a daily basis, from Korean to Ayurveda. This is how illness and dis-ease is prevented and treated. Poor diet/nutrition, toxins, and stress kill an immune system. Therefore, nutrition is imperative, whether you vaccinate or not.
The reality is that you cannot rely on anyone to take care of you or your family. Even ‘specialists’ can be wrong. Dead wrong. And then you and your family suffers. One must become an autodidact and educate oneself on one’s options. Become aware of phytonutrients ( plant chemicals) and how they help your body is integral.
Our go-to books and products are:

The Optimum Nutrition Bible, Holford

The Ancient Wisdom of Chinese Tonic Herbs, teeguarden

Ayurvedic Remedies for Families, Miller

Raw Food Detox Diet, Rose

Superbaby Foods , Yaron


The Future of Food

The Beautiful Truth

The China Study ( a must read)

Killer At Large

Prescription for Nutritional Healing

Natural Cures ‘They’ don’t want you to know about


We teach our daughter about herbalism and holistic living. She LOVES to cook with us! Shows like David The Gnome teach about herbalism and how nature heals, while Lazy Town and Slim Goodbody teach about food and nutrition. My daughter is in love with Lazy Town, which is hard to find…if you are good at googling, you can get it.
We cook mainly Asian and Italian dishes, and sesame oil, turmeric, chili, kaffir lime, cilantro,garlic, and truffle oil are our favorites. We eat goji berries, take reishi and schizandra, and our health really benefits from it.
Herbalism has been hunted down for centuries, more so in the West then in the East. From the Native Americans to the Saami, to the Tazmanian Aboriginee, earth based healers have undergone genocide or sterilization programs by invaders who told them what they did was ‘evil’. Ayurveda, which modern medicine based its own surgical tools after, was pushed underground and discredited when Britain invaded. Nonetheless, it works.

These are all sciences, and need to be looked at as such, and it can take years to study and fully understand. They are highly advanced, not based on voodoo. Still, one can learn basic herbalism for day to day living and can grow one’s own herbs or by them from a farmer’s market or natural store.


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