Traveling Unschoolers

Here are some amazing, inspirational families, traveling and unschooling ( sometimes referred to as worldschooling)

Rabid Unschoolers

A long time unschooling family, moving out to Phuket to study the TEFL. I love them so much!!!

Follow Dana here

Worldschool Adventures

A family about to embark upon a long term journey throughout Asia!

Follow Amy here

Wandering Educators

An inspirational site dedicated to traveling educators, run by unschooling mom Dr. Jessica Voigts.

Follow her/Wandering Eds here


Talon, the gorgeous unschooling dad, and his son Tigger traveling the world, starting in Mexico.

Follow The Windwalker Duo here

Raising Miro

A stunning mom and son unschooling duo. They have a wonderful podcast, and are an inspiration to us. Her blog is beautiful!!

You can follow Lainie here

Family on Bikes

What a family!! Homeschoolers and world travelers with a passion for cycling. I want a bike now…

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E Adventure Project

A nomadic family, with a tremendous blog. Fantastic writing!!

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Pro hockey player Jordan Parise’s travel blog. He blogs on all things, from parenting to the importance of traveling. Check him out!!!

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Family Escape

A family preparing for their nomadic future! Join them in their preparation and their travels!!

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Soul Travelers

My favorite blog; their daughter Mozart is trilingual in English, Chinese, and Spanish!!! Their photos are amazing, and so is their insight into life and travel.

Follow them here

A ‘homeless’ family of 5 exploring the world! I just discovered their amazing website ( check out their videos!!!) and I find them an incredible inspiration!!!

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4 Responses to Traveling Unschoolers

  1. Jeanne says:

    Wow, so honored to be your favorite blog! So appreciate the shout out! We are going on our 6th year of world schooling ( from 5 to almost 11 years old ) while traveling, so can’t recommend it highly enough. I love your adventurist, iconoclastic spirit…you go girl! 😉

  2. This is so great! Some of my favorite families here, who inspire us in our world school adventures.

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